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"If Jason still haunts you...You're not alone." - Tagline

Friday the 13th Part 5:  A New Beginning is the fifth film in the Friday the 13th film franchise and is the fourth sequel to the series.  The final film in the entire series was suppose to be Friday the 13th Part 4:  The Final Chapter, but this film was then made to continue the series and its storyline.  This is the second of two film in the entire series, both past and future films, that Jason Voorhees isn't the killer, as in Friday the 13th (1980), the killer was Pamela Voorhees, and in this film, it was Roy Burns, who was using Jason's image to save his own image and identity from the killings.

Film infobox
Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning
Directed by:Danny Steinmann
Produced by:Frank Mancuso Jr.
Timothy Silver
Written by:Martin Kitrosser
David Cohen
Danny Steinmann
Starring:Melanie Kinnaman
John Shepherd
Shavar Ross
Corey Feldman
Richard Young
Marco St. John
Juliette Cummins
Tiffany Helm
Vernon Washington
John Robert Dixon
Debi Sue Voorhees
Ron Sloan
Carol Locatell
Jerry Pavlon
Miguel A. Nunez Jr.
Jere Fields
Dick Wieand
Music by:Harry Manfredini
Cinematography:Stephen L. Posey
Editing by:Bruce Green
Distributed by:Paramount Pictures
Release date:March 22, 1985
Running time:92 minutes
Country:United States
Box office:$21,930,418
Preceded by:Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter
Followed by:Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives


The film opens up on a rainy night and shows a small boy in a yellow raincoat through the dark woods.  He comes upon a graveyard and the young boy is shown tp be Tommy Jarvis.  Tommy witnesses two grave robbers, Neil and Les trying to dig up the grave of Jason Voorhees, but before they can do so, Jason arises and kills Neil with a machete to the stomach and killed Les with an ice pick to the neck.  Tommy is watching all this in horror, and Jason then looks directly at Tommy and advances towards him, with Tommy running away for his life.

All of a sudden, Tommy would wake up and was dreaming this entire sequence, and is now an adult.  It has been several years after the events from Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter and Tommy has been shifted around to several mental institutions after, in self defense, killing Jason Voorhees, who attacked his sister, Trish Jarvis and killed his mother, Mrs. Jarvis, six years earlier.  Tommy's sister, who was just injured, is presumed to be elsewhere, but not confirmed of her exact location.

Tommy arrives at a secluded halfway house in the van by the mental health patient transporter, Billy, in southern California called Pinehurst Youth Development Center.  The house is owned by the director of the program, Matt Letter, and his assistant director of the program is Pam Roberts, who shows Tommy to his room.  While in his room, Tommy meets a young boy named Reggie, who lives in the house since his grandfather, George, is the cook of the house.  Also living at the halfway house as patients are Eddie, Eddie's girlfriend, TinaRobinJake, gothic-chick, Violet, an overweight kid, Joey, who everyone else finds annoying, and guy named Vic, who has a severe anger problem.

Sheriff Cal Tucker and Deputy Dodd would arrive at the halfway house with Eddie and Tina in the back of the police car and put them back into Matt and Pam's custody, with two country hicks, Ethel Hubbard, and her mentally disabled son, Junior Hubbard, come riding in, not far behind, on Junior's motorcycle.  They complain to Sheriff Cal Tucker, Deputy Dodd, and Matt Letter about Eddie and Tina having sex on her property.  Matt said it won't happen again and Ethel said it won't happen again and says she'll shoot anyone that trespasses on her farm again.  Ethel also complains wanting the halfway house shut down, before she leaves with her son.

Later that day while Vic is chopping wood with an axe, Joey begins to aggrevate Vic, after he already aggrevated Robin and Violet trying to help do laundry and ruined the one sheet with a chocolate stain, and wants to help Vic chop some wood.  Vic would become so aggrevated at Joey that when Joey turned around to leave, Vic would take the axe and smash it in the back of the head of Joey, thus killing him, while everyone at the halfway house looked on in fear.  After this happened, Sheriff Cal Tucker and Deputy Dodd would come back to the halfway house and arrest Vic, with Sheriff Cal Tucker talking to Matt, whom are good friends, and asking if Joey has any family, to which Matt replied his mom died giving birth to him and his father abandoned him when his mom died because he couldn't take care of a child on his own.  Two paramedics, Roy Burns and Duke, would come onto the scene and see Joey's dead body.  Roy seems to be stunned and in a state of shock at the sight of Joey's death, until Duke finally gets Roy to help him load Joey's body into the ambulance.

That night, two local greasers, Pete and Vinnie, are seen driving their car before it starts to stall and eventually breaks down.  Vinnie tries to fix the car while Pete waits inside the car.  Pete gets frustrated when Vinnie cannot get the car to start and goes into the woods to blow off some steam.  Pete hears some noise and it is only a rabbit hopping in the woods.  Back at Vinnie, Vinnie sees someone walking closer to him, thinking Pete is pulling another prank on him, as Pete stayed silent before in the car before honking the horn and scaring Vinnie.  The person then lights up a red road flare, and Vinnie, still thinking it is Pete playing around gets closer, and the person shoves the red road flare into the mouth of Vinnie, thus killing him.  Pete returns to the car and sees Vinnie lying face first on the engine of the car and not thinking much of it.  He finally gets the car to work and, while in the driver's seat, the killer lunges up from the back seat behind Pete and slits his throat, thus killing him.  It is later shown, Sheriff Cal Tucker, Deputy Dodd, Roy Burns, and Duke all on the scene of the two greasers deaths, with Roy Burns and Duke loading them into an ambulance and Sheriff Cal Tucker and Deputy Dodd searching for any clues leading to who committed the murders. That next morning, Tommy sees a hallucination of Jason in his bedroom and during breakfast, Tommy gets in a fight with Eddie when Eddie scares Tommy with one of Tommy's homemade monster masks.

The following night, Billy, who was seen earlier in the film transporting Tommy to the halfway house, is sitting in his car waiting for Lana, his girlfriend, to finish her shift as a waitress in a local diner.  While waiting for Lana, Billy is killed by the killer after being hit in the back of the head with an axe.  Lana then finally comes out and and is murdered as well after being hit in the chest with an axe.

The next day, Eddie and Tina sneak back onto Ethel and Junior's property to have sex again.  While they sneaked off, a homeless man named Raymond goes to Ethel's house and asks if he can work for her in exchange for food.  Ethel says if Raymond can clean up the chicken poop from the chicken coop and then dump it behind the shed, she'll give him some stew.  Raymond goes to clean the chicken coop up and goes behind the shed to dump the chicken poop and he spots Eddie and Tina making love.  He then turns away for a second, and is stabbed in the stomach with a hunting knife, thus killed, by the killer.  Eddie and Tina would then finish having sex and Eddie would go to the creek to freshen up.  While Tina lies nude in the clearing, she would see the killer and he would shove garden shears into her eyes, thus killing her.  Eddie would return and lie next to Tina and start kissing her, and when he turns her over, he sees her eyes popped out of her head and her face disfigured, as she lies there dead.  Eddie would get up in both fear and shock and back up into a tree, where the killer would put a leather strap around the face and eyes of Eddie and begin the tighten it until it snapped his head, and would then kill Eddie.

That evening, Pam would take Reggie and Tommy to go to the local trailer park to visit Reggie's older brother, Demon.  When they arrive at the trailer park, Tommy wanders off and gets into a fist fight with Junior, while Pam tries to stop him from doing more damage.  Reggie would be visiting his brother, Demon, and would be introduced to Demon's girlfriend, Anita, who was smoking a joint.  Tommy would then run away into the woods after he attacked Junior, and this would leave Pam to go back to the trailer park and get Reggie so they can leave.  After Pam and Reggie left, Demon has to use the bathroom and goes to the outhouse.  The outhouse starts to shake and he finds out it was his girlfriend, Anita, playing a prank on him.  They start singing and then all of a sudden, Demon is singing by himself, as Anita got quiet.  The outhouse then starts to shake again in a more violent and vicious way.  Demon opens the outhouse door and sees Anita lying on the ground, dead, with her throat slit.  Demon then closes the outhouse door and locks it to try and protect himself.  Then, the killer is poking holes into the outhouse walls with a spear.  He would put the spear through the leg of Demon, thus injuring him.  Demon would spread his legs apart and lean against the wall, thinking the killer will miss him and go between his legs in the gap, but would be speared through the chest and killed.  Pam and Reggie return to the halfway house and would notice that Matt and George have gone missing.  Pam would leave Reggie in the care of Jake, Violet, and Robin, and would put Jake in charge of the house while Pam goes to look for Matt, George, as well as the missing Eddie and Tina, and, of course, Tommy.

Junior races back to Ethel's house on his motorcycle, upset about being attacked by Tommy.  Ethel is yelling at Junior to come into the house and eat her stew she has made.  Junior would ride some more in a panic and would go past a tree, where he would be decapitated with a meat cleaver and killed.  The sound got quiet and Ethel thought Junior parked his motorcycle and was heading into the house to eat her stew.  That is until the killer break through the window and hit Ethel in the face with a meat cleaver, killing her, and her face falling into her pot of stew.  Back at the halfway house, Jake and Robin are watching a movie together, while Jake tries to have sex with Robin.  Robin would just laugh at Jake and reject him and go to her room.  Jake would then go to Violet's room to ask her some advice on how to make a move on a woman, but Violet told Jake to come back later.  Jake, again feeling hurt and rejected, would leave Violet's room and head back to his own room.  But before he can make it to his own room, he would be killed by the killer after he is hit in the face with a meat cleaver.  Robin then feels guilty for laughing at Jake when he was sharing his feelings for Robin, and she goes to lie down in bed.  Robin sees Jake's dead body next to her in her bed, and before she can react, the killer puts a machete through the mattress and through Robin's chest.  The killer then moves onto Violet and enters her room while Violet is dancing to her gothic music.  The killer would strangle her with one hand and hold her up against the wall and would then stab her in the stomach with a machete, thus killing her.

Reggie would wake up and go to check and see where everyone is at.  He goes to find Tommy in Tommy's room and he sees the dead bodies of Jake, Robin, and Violet lying dead on the bed of Tommy Jarvis's.  Pam would return back to the halfway house after having no success or luck in finding Matt, George, Tommy, Eddie, and Tina.  Reggie would be scared about what he just saw and Pam looks to see what Reggie was freaking out about and she sees the bodies as well.  Pam and Reggie then attempt to flee the house and when they get downstairs, a large man wearing a hockey mask would barge through the door, apparently being the very much alive Jason Voorhees.  Pam and Reggie would eventually flee the halfway house and would run through the woods.  They come upon an ambulance and are knocking on the window asking for help.  They open the ambulance door and out falls the dead body of the local paramedic, Duke, with his throat slit.  Pam and Reggie then continue to run after continuing to be chased by Jason.  They become separated in the woods in the dark and rain.  Pam would run into the body of Matt, who has a railroad spike shoved into his head and being pinned into a tree.  Pam would finally go back into the halfway house and George, Reggie and Demon's grandfather, would be thrown through the window with his eyes gouged out, also dead and killed by Jason.

Jason then chases Pam all the way to the barn, but Reggie would save her by barging through the barn door riding on a bulldozer and ramming it into the body of Jason, knocking Jason back a few feet.  Pam and Reggie seek refuge in the barn, and while Reggie hides, Pam is hiding in a closet.  Jason opens the closet and reveals Pam with a chainsaw, fending off Jason.  The chainsaw, however, runs out of gasoline, and it's back to square one for her and Reggie.  Pam and Reggie run to the loft of the barn, and Jason follows, until Tommy Jarvis appears and distracts Jason.  Tommy goes face to face with Jason, until Jason slits Tommy's shoulder with his machete, thus injuring Tommy.  Jason tries to finish off Tommy, but Tommy injures Jason's leg with a switchblade and then runs to the loft himself.  Having loss an excessive amount of blood, Tommy passes out from his injury, while Jason recovers and goes up to the loft and in pursuit of Pam and Reggie.  Reggie jumps at the back of Jason, while Jason was trying to kill Pam, knocking Jason off the top of the loft and outside.  Jason, however, hung onto the ledge of the barn and grabbed Reggie's leg, trying to bring him off the top of the barn as well.

While Jason is holding the leg of Reggie and trying to bring him off of the barn, Tommy recovers and grabs Jason's machete and hits him in the hand with it, and Jason falls off the barn and lands onto a pile of spikes from the tractor harrow and is impaled throughout his body with spikes.  After Jason fell off the barn and onto the tractor harrow, Tommy, Pam, and Reggie would look over the edge of the barn and see that Jason's mask fell off and it hasn't been Jason doing the killings the entire time, but Jason's image was impersonated by the local paramedic, Roy Burns.

At the hospital, Sheriff Cal Tucker would explain to Pam, with Reggie sleeping on her lap, that Joey, the boy the was killed by Vic, was Roy's long lost son and when Roy saw Joey dead, it sparked a trigger in Roy's head to kill everyone at the halfway house or anyone in the way to avenge his son's death.  He used Jason's image to do this so he can protect his own image as a paramedic.  Pam goes into Tommy's room and checks on him, and Tommy is apparently asleep.  But suddenly, Tommy pops up and is holding a knife and stabs Pam in the stomach, thus killing her.  But then Tommy wakes up and it is revealed to be another nightmare that Tommy is having after, not just experiencing the events from years before, but now experiencing these events that just happened.  Later, Pam enters the room again and sees the window is broken, as Tommy is standing behind her, wearing the signature hockey mask of Jason, and holding up a knife above Pam's head, as the film ends and goes to credits.